Creative and Fun

We create indoor environments which are age appropriate, well maintained, and accessible for all children. They give opportunities for a wide range of planned and free play activities where the children can explore a safe, secure and challenging environment.

Our outdoor environments are accessed frequently throughout the day with opportunities for children to experience activities and resources on different scales and in different ways than indoors. Through our garden areas children have chance to be imaginative, physical, creative and develop sensory awareness, as well as having first hand contact with the natural world and the seasons.

In creating different contexts for learning, our staff provide your child with plenty of space and time to play both indoors and out, enabling learning through experience in different environments. The children have opportunities in each area to play with others, for example in our imaginative play areas, or to choose to play alone. Many of our activities are open-ended, including treasure baskets and heuristic play, which allow them to try things out, solve problems, be creative, take risks and use trial and error.

Our sensitive and knowledgeable practitioners are trained, coached and mentored into knowing how and when to meet children’s needs, engaging and offering appropriate support at different times. Our daily routines offer a range of experiences giving children predictability whilst also challenging them.

Parent Testimonial

“My son has been at Cleverkidz since he was 10 months old. He enjoys his time at the nursery and regularly tells me he wants to go in on our day off! He is further advanced than many of his age group due to the teaching module the nursery follow. Cleverkidz offers a very hands on and honest approach, and it will be sad when my son has to leave to go to school.”


“Managers have a clear vision for the future, fully involving staff and parents in developing improvements.”

Parent Testimonial

“Cleverkidz…what more can we say! Putting Eloise into this safe, fun and exciting environment has been perfect for her and us. Not only flexible and helpful, the staff and environment are warm and welcoming, and the development of Eloise with learning, fun play and social interaction, has been the best thing we have done for her. We would recommend Cleverkidz nursery to any parent!”

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