Healthy Eating Program

Our ethos is simple. Children need healthy food to give them the energy to learn through play. This means no sugar rushes, or stodgy desserts!! Instead, they get plentiful supply of healthy food rich in vitamins, minerals, protein and carbohydrates. This is key to ensure they feel alert and active whilst they are with us, and as such, get the most out of their time in the nursery.

Cleverkidz is affiliated with the Healthy Eating Program run by the local council and primary care trust. It is a rigorous program, which includes inspections on the nursery to check its fresh produce, menus, and cooking practices. We have been involved year on year for the last six years and have successful retained our certificate and improved our performance. Our dedicated cook ensures that we continue to achieve great levels of nutritional performance.

Parent Testimonial

“We couldn’t ask for a more friendly environment for our children we trust in the care and attention they provide, with one of our children attending from 9 months to five it has made leaving our other two children in their care an easy and pleasant experience for both us and our children.”

Parent Testimonial

“My son has been at Cleverkidz since he was 10 months old. He enjoys his time at the nursery and regularly tells me he wants to go in on our day off! He is further advanced than many of his age group due to the teaching module the nursery follow. Cleverkidz offers a very hands on and honest approach, and it will be sad when my son has to leave to go to school.”


“There are clear plans for the continuing improvement of the whole setting to offer children further opportunities.”

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